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I missed getting a new post out over the weekend. First time since the New Year began that I didn’t get 2 blogs per week out there.

Originally I had hoped to put up something about the opening reception at Cape Cod Museum of Art for “Teaching Art/Creating Art”. I attended on Thursday evening and took a number of pictures to feature here.

Unfortunately, they are still imprisoned in a borrowed camera for which I have no compatible cable (I have 3 but none that fit this particular camera). I have no card reader and no computer at home or work that is advanced enough to slip the card directly into. Nor does my Blackberry do it.

canon_ixus_55_digital_cameraSo on top of the fact that I spent all weekend doing demolition work on a condominium, I am still waiting for my dear husband to have a chance to get my pictures through one of his office computers. He is involved in the condo renovation too, so he’s got a lot more than these pictures on his plate at this time in truth.

So I am instead going to offer links to two blogs I read regularly and like. I am literally stealing this idea off the post I got today from Tina Mamoser’s The Cycling Artist weblog. Sorry (or thanks?) Tina. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that.

The Cycling Artist is basically the blog of a landscape artist who lives in the UK. She is very techno savvy -far moreso than I- and shares great information about her work, materials, techniques, business practices and travels. As a landscapist myself, I really like her work and this blog. You’ll find her at http://tina-m.blogspot.com

A second blog I just came across at the beginning of the year is Hai -br0w Kulture. Julia lives in NYC and she blogs often about museums and other institutions/entities in that area. Next best thing to being able to be there yourself as she takes you through the ins and outs of the intersection between the arts, culture and tecnology. She’s another “artsy type” who is more techno-savvy than I can claim to be. The link is http://www.juliaxguila.com

I will be posting about the opening at CCMA as soon as I can retrieve those blasted pictures. In the meantime, I hope you will check out these blogs and let me know what you think along with any others you recommend.

Arrgghhh!!! Ready for a vacation....

Arrgghhh!!! Ready for a vacation....


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