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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to revamp this blog and be more consistent about using it. Unfortunately a bit has changed with WordPress since I last posted and I don’t remember some of the things I need to do to edit its appearance and all. Looks to be a steep learning curve before I can really get running. But this will be a start.

This is "Before".....you don't want to see the "After(math)" yet

This is "Before".....you don't want to see the "After(math)" yet

One catagory that is already gone is Inner Pearl Studio/Hyannis Art Scene. I moved out of 50 Pearl St at year’s end and am very happily ensconced back in my home studio in Harwich Port. It was exciting to have the opportunity to explore the newly emerging art district firsthand. But I had misgivings all along about commuting 15 miles to work and my previous committment to working on the masters at SCAD to consider as well. It will take some time, especially in the current economy, for the Hyannis Art Scene to become established and I just had to face the fact that this isn’t the time for me.

All the more reason for me to increase my presence on the web. I look forward to a bit of an expansion of the blog’s scope and regular postings on a variety of interrelated topics on art and other interests.

Hope some of you will check up on me to make sure I get it all done. Please come by to read and share often when I have done so.


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