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A busy week and weekend has all but come to a close and I hadn’t gotten around to this week’s post. Yes, I am revising my goal now to be one per week. I made a commitment to do 2 a week for 30 days as recommended in The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging which inspired my New Year’s resolution. But I knew from the start that I will be a better blogger if I have one a week and have been slowly dropping into that pattern.

So sometime over the weekends I will get one out and can be fairly sure to be consistent that way, which is the most important thing for anyone who may be interested in reading and following.

This is a “quickie” after another weekend of work on the condo project and another week of teaching looming ahead.

I have been working on my spiritual direction as the new year began as well as my blogging. I had a couple of very insightful conversations regarding painting as a prayerful, meditative process and the concept of being co-creators with our Higher Power/God -however one may acknowlege it. (By the way, if you are an atheist, please feel free to ignore or disregard these thoughts but don’t bother to respond to tell me I have no right to them.)

Some of the best work I do comes seemingly without effort on my part and is undoubtably the spirit working through me… when I remember to let it. Below is an example, a figure that I painting last June in a life drawing session. Every time I see it, it stills fills me with excitement and pleases me so much. It came together so much easier than so many of my works do. I can honestly say it is one of my best, and not out of any conceit. In fact most of the time I am rather critical and unsure of my own work. I think many artists share this but it is a painful and perplexing conundrum. Why do we feel compelled to do this and why? Maybe I just need to do more often what I feel I must and “let go and let God” as they say. The best seems to come through me when I relinquish control and open up to the grace within.

I have been reading a new novel (seems I read more than I paint, doesn’t it? That may well be true). I have had a habit for more than a year now of collecting quotes about art that I find inspiring or moving in some way. Here is one from The Miracles of Prato about Fra Filippo Lippi, the Renaissance monk and painter:

God made the world so beautiful. There’s no shame in finding the world beautiful, and celebrating that beauty.”….The holiest of men have known this world is a speculum majus, a mirror of the Lord’s kingdom. The beauty we find here and the beauty we make here pleases God, for it makes our world closer to His.”

Attributed to Fra Filippo Lippi in The Miracles of Prato

"Il Dolce Far Niente", pastel by Bernadette C. Wastack

"Il Dolce Far Niente", pastel by Bernadette C. Wastack


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