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Take 2

pastel, 18\Okay, I missed the class last week but so many folks from What’s Your Story Cape Cod raved about the blog class.  I started a blog about 8 or 9 months back linked to my website.  I updated my website so frequently that I really didn’t need both.  One of the most interesting nuggets from the first session of WYSCC was that there can be separate but intertwined functions for both.  Static information that doesn’t change on the website and use the blog to update new information:shows, new work, etc.

I have undergone new changes everywhere in the last 2 weeks, revised my website, changing my business, domain and working names and started sharing it with my collaborating partner in a new shared studio, etc.  So I have launched the blog with the idea of linking it to the website (www.innerpearlstudio.com  by the way). 

I am usually very prompt, particular and professional about what PR I put out there on the web and all. But I am just getting the studio up and functioning,need new business cards, etc.,etc, etc, so I will be back here to add more ASAP ….but don’t hold your breath, folks-and I’ve got a “day job” too.

The painting above is called Twilight: Skaket Flats I.  It was part of a recent show of new work and was sold last week.


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